Torie's Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

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I know I know, the holidays are stressful, but is it just me or do you LOVE giving presents? To me giving a gift is such an amazing feeling and not only are these gifts handpicked, based on holistic wellness, organic, and top quality they can be purchased from the comfort of your own home! No parking lots, no lines, no scary looking elves! You'll find only goodness here that you're loved ones, co-workers and amigos are guaranteed to LOVE.


For the Hostess with the mostest

The friend who loves having people over is always looking for cute new home goodies. I love these hand blown glasses paired together with these amazing hand dyed kitchen towels or napkins. Support small buisnesses with great ethics. 

For the cookbook collector

A cookbook staple for every healthy kitchen, it should be your Bible. Nourishing Traditions Cookbook is a holistic book based on culinary customs of our ancestors with whole food recipes that teach us the principals of vitality. This book also debunks all the common nutrition myths of the current low-fat fad and how entertaining can be nutritious and delicious!

 Salt, Fat, Acid & Heat is a great book to become a master chef at home and is just a great read in general! Samin takes hard concepts and breaks them down creating easy to understand topics in the most beautiful ways. 



For your bestie

My bestie Rose Inez makes all these beauties by hand in Santa Cruz. She also makes custom necklaces that are great personalized gifts for your favorite amigas. I love her stuff because I can wear it everyday,  and do my normal activities like surf and workout with them on and at the same time wear them out with an nice outfit. I am not joking that I get a complement at least a couple times a week. 

for dad, pop, or honestly yourself

If you haven't heard, CBD (or cannabidiol) is increasingly being used today for its healing properties and is having a HUGELY positive impact on people's lives. Everyone needs this anti-inflammatory game changer in their lives ASAP. LEEF offers a small selection of amazing, high-quality CBD products, all of which are fantastic, but my all-time favorite is their Thrival Balm, containing a number of healthy, organic ingredients, the balm is perfect to use for relief of sore muscles and joints. LEEF Organics has the best products from daily tinctures to soaps

USE CODE: vidawell for free shipping




for the make-up lover

Most of us do not realize that our skin is our largest organ and most of us are putting toxic products all over our faces and bodies. Well there are some amazing companies like The Good Life that provide clean beauty products that work amazing. RMS is my current fav, but any of the products would be a great gift to someone who already wears toxic make-up such as MAC.


for foodies who love good vino

Dry Farm Wines subscriptions is for the wine lover in your life (or maybe even yourself). This wine club is different from the rest because they are the ONLY health focused wine club in the world. This wine is organic, sugar-free, low alcohol, and low sulfite, meaning it can be enjoyed without hangovers, headaches, or poor sleep. Hopefully this friend will have you over, so you can enjoy a smooth red or refreshing white together.  :)


for the meat lover

A Butcher Box Subscription. What guy wouldn't love exceptionally quality meat delivered to his door each month? Just 1% of the beef consumed in the USA is 100% grass fed. Butcher Box has sourced the best quality beef and delivers it for FREE. 'Nuff said!

for the busy mama

Gift a subscription to Thrive Market b/c it is going to save them so much time, it is a game changer, delivered to your door at almost 50% less than what you spend at the healthy stores, how do you beat that! Thrive Market is a wholesale health food retailer providing 30-50% discounted prices off your favorite health foods. You can buy it all online and they ship it to your door. Perfect for the busy mom and a great gift to keep stress-free and healthy this holiday season.


for the coffee lover

I'm sure you've heard me rave about Bulletproof, but it's not just a hype. This coffee will change your life. NO JOKE. Get a starter kit for someone you know would like to burn fat, improve cognitive function, up their energy, and have lasting health benefits.  

for the hip amiga

These hip boots are made in Bali by a friend who always is looking the best! Wandering Coyote is also offering 15% off for my readers, so go get yourself of these bad boys. Use code TVW when checking out.



for the superfood junkie

I'm always on the hunt for the best nutrients to add to my daily routine and now, that consists of medicinal mushrooms. And NO these don't get you high... think nature's superfood. Obviously, mushrooms aren't new but after hours of researching and recipe testing, I can confidently say that this is one addition I am welcoming with open arms and I hope you do, too. Root and Bones mushroom powders use code TVW a checkout for 15% off

for the phone addict

Do you know that EMFs are hurting all of us? From wifi, to our phones we are all in need of protection. Studies show that our current cell phones (smart phones) have raised the risk of brain cancer 4-fold, in only 5 years. And unfortunately, brain cancer is not the only risk. The Hedron EMF Shield is a patent pending and well studied device for use on cell phones and other electromagnetic radiation emitting gadgets. This device has been proven effective to shield 99.95% of radiation up to a 9G phone as well as provide up to 80% heat reduction. 



for the one who needs a push

Give the gift of health with my one on one nutrition consultation to a friend or a family member. A nutrition consult gift certificate makes a unique, thoughtful and practical gift idea for a close friend, a crazy busy mom, a spouse, a parent, a co worker or other loved one. It can be used for the whole family, help with weight loss, or to just learn more about eating healthy. See more here.