T O R I E   B O R R E L L I

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          C h a n g e   is one constant in our lives.  Lets investigate how to change for the better, and to improve our health by supporting all components that make us up.

Torie Borrelli is a Integrative Holistic Nutritionist (NC), natural chef, and the founder of The Vida Well, a wellness brand rooted in holistic nutrition and wholesome living. From a young age, Borrelli’s Mexican and Italian heritage birthed her love for food and ever since she has truly valued what cooking offers; time spent with family and friends and nourishment to fuel the best life possible.

While battling her own personal health issues, Borrelli made a decision to pursue an education in holistic medicine and nutritional cooking at California Polytechnic State University where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Business, minor in Nutrition. Some of Borrelli’s noteworthy career achievements include opening a cooking school at Rancho La Puerta health Spa, the 2nd top-rated health spa in the world; managing 10 farmers markets while being the assistant grower at Black Dog Farms Organics; developing recipes and menus for Rancho La Puerta’s Juice Bar and Woholle Juice Bar in La Jolla, CA; and representing leading companies such as Bulletproof Coffee, Guayaki, Chosen Foods, Thrive Market, Designer Protein and Enagic.

Currently, Borrelli works alongside Naturopaths, chiropractors and doctors around the world and is committed to educating and inspiring her clients through 1-on-1 consultations, health assessments, food education and personalized programs that help combat leading chronic diseases. She is currently working on the first Mexican food based anti-inflammatory cookbook to help combat the rising diabetes epidemic.

Torie is the best! She not only helped me lose 23 pounds she helped change the way my family eats. Torie is so knowledgeable and has so many great creative ideas for menu planning! She has given me some really good information my 9 year old who is gluten intolerant and needs to limit his sugar intake. I was stuck on what to feed him for lunches at school and snacks.
She was able to really give me some creative menu planning and fun snacks for him that he really enjoys!
— Alison Murphey
Torie is very knowledgeable! She also creates awesome food and having fun while doing it. Which for me was the best thing because it has made my families health and lifestyle so much better while still being able to enjoy amazing food and having fun while doing it. She analyzed our current habits along with our lab work and then created an awesome lifestyle for us which has made us feel the best we have ever felt! For that I can not thank you enough!! And I still get to have a little wine😬.
— Felipe Becerra
As the current Chairman at Crossover Health and former CEO of MD VIP it is important I strive to show others the importance of health... I had the pleasure of working with Torie, she genuinely cares about each individual person she works with and wants to educate each person to reach their healthy goals and make them live an overall healthier lifestyle.

I found her focus and drive ensured successful outcomes for each individual patient she worked with.
— Bret Jorgensen
Torie introduced me to this bulletproof diet exactly 1 month ago through her “Holiday Reset” program. I followed it to the T and realized that I was loving all of the recipes and it wasn’t that hard to cook healthy meals and bring them to work with me everyday... So far I have lost about 15lbs and only really started exercising this past week. I realized that it is really easy to make healthy choices, even when you are out to eat or on the run... Torie really helped me understand WHY certain foods don’t work and how certain foods - like bread and potatoes - just literally turn into sugar. I haven’t touched a donut or cupcake since I started and I am so stoked to have learned about this new way of eating!!!
— Sam R