V I D A   N o u r i s h   translates to your "Food Life"...

can the food we love taste delicious and be medicinal? Torie and Hippocrates say, yes.

The Nourish section was created to help you nourish your body the right way.  Sit down with your favorite morning mug and feast your eyes on articles, guides,  recipes(!), restaurant recs, and learn about nutrient dense foods... that taste good.



Nourish Guides

The Vida Well & Torie Borrelli break down your nourish guides into three categories: what to stock in your home pantry, how to shop at the grocery store, and the ever-growing travel recommendations.  Get clicking.

Learn to Nourish

Among the many professionals Torie works with is Dr. Orian, who focuses on wellness through naturopathic medicine.  Every week TVW & Torie work with the Orian team customizing plans for individuals to reach their health goals.  Click here to learn more on Torie, or get going into her head.  Read from Torie's collection of articles, as well as her own stories, and learn how to better nourish your life.

TVW Recipes

Not only food, not just drinks, not only healthy, but Torie tips & nutritional factoids too!  Oh, and TVW posts a new recipe on Instagram every Sunday.  ♡ #doubletap ♡

Nourish 1-1 with Torie Borrelli

Wherever in life we are seeking improvement, nothing trumps 1-1 guidance and service.  The good news?  Torie is practically a one-stop for all your nourishing needs.  From giving your home pantry a makeover, to menu designing, personal nutrition, even private chef, Torie is thee well to source from.  See all Torie's services in Shop Torie, or inquire about a consultation below.


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