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PRE-ODER my Mexican Keto Cookbook!



Containing more than 100 low-carb, high-fat, anti-inflammatory recipes, The Mexican Keto Cookbook provides insight into the history of Mexican cuisine while also adding a flavorful, international flair to the popular ketogenic diet.

In contrast to the typical Mexican American diet–the result of busy schedules, tight budgets, and high-sugar, white flour foods of convenience– The Mexican Keto Cookbook is packed with authentic, full-flavored, health-conscious recipes designed to burn body fat. It includes the science behind keto, guides you on how to execute the diet effectively, and provides more than 100 amazing recipes.


Hola Amigos!

Brought to you by Torie Borrelli, The Vida Well seeks to bring you fulfillment in the form of yummy nutrient dense eating, nutrition education and the latest science. Torie is an Integrative holistic nutritionist, chef consultant, recipe creator, and a wellness expert based in sunny San Diego. Torie is the author of the first Mexican Keto Cookbook which serves as a resource for anti-inflammatory living with delicious recipes, which is now available on Amazon. In 2015 she founded The Vida Well, a wellness and education brand rooted in preventive living. For the past decade, Torie has worked alongside leading and progressive naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and local San Diego doctors.


"Vida is Spanish for life, and I want your life to be Well."


Torie Borrelli, BS, NC
Founder of The Vida Well


Working with Torie

Vida Well provides a range of services, from brand ambassador, and recipe creation for restaurants to retreats and corporate education. Torie loves anything that has to do with making food taste good as it nourishes the body.


Corporate Consulting


Wellness & Movement Retreats


Recipe Creation & Chef Consulting


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