Activated Charcoal


Activate Charcoal has been used in ancient medicine for many years. It is definitely one of my must haves for your travel kit and natural first aid kid. Back in the day (10,000 years ago) it was used to absorb poisons and chemicals and now its used in hospitals for overdoses and in your Britta filters (ya those black things that essentially do nothing).oH

How is it made?

Activated Charcoal is not the same as the charcoal you put on your BBQ, so don't go using that! I like Bulletproof brand because they use coconuts to get a high quality supplement, other companies use bamboo, wood etc. 

How does it work?

It has millions  of tiny pours that absorb the bad guys. Think about this, if you spread out 4 capsules of Bulletproof Charcoal it would be the same surface area as a football field. The porous surface has a negative electric charge that attracts positively charged unwanted toxins and gas. Make sense?

NOTE: It should never be taken within a couple hours of your vitamins and medication because you will NOT absorb them! Hence do no order the superfood juice with charcoal cuz you wont absorb any of the goodness!

Incorporating activated charcoal into your detoxification regiment is a game changer. It absorbs all of the bad stuff, I am talking everything from food, stress, lifestyle, the environment, industrial chemicals, pesticides, additives, secondary smoke, pollutants, and heavy metals. Especially if you are like me and like to let yourself eat some “bad stuff” like pizza and vino every so often. The charcoal itself absorbs chemicals and reduces your absorption of  toxins, reducing inflammation, bloating, and gas.

Reasons & Ways to use it:

  • gas and bloating
  • digestion
  • detoxification - drugs, heavy metals, poison, chemicals
  • hangover
  • eating something your allergic to or at a restaurant
  • teeth whitener
  • bug bites
  • DIY face mask
  • jet lag

PRO TIP: Buy it HERE and take 2-3 capsules immediately before and immediately after you ingest something that might be heavy in toxins in order to get the most benefits (this includes alcohol).

TORIES TIPS for avoiding hangovers

Invest in some A C T I V A T E D CHARCOAL // in short absorbs unwanted toxins in the body. It is great for aiding in most gut issues such as food poisoning, food reactions, bloating and gas. 

1. Stay hydrated before you even arrive to the event, drink a ton the day of and then a glass between each alcoholic beverage. 

2. Take 4 capsules of activated CHARCOAL before drinking wine or beer. Take them after drinking if consuming liquor. Hard booze is put through a filtration process unlike beer & wine. I love this one by #bulletproof because it is tested for quality and a overall clean product. 

3. Stick to one type of alcohol. If you choose mixed drinks, choose the clear types (vodka & tequila) and add water vs. soda water. The added C02 adds acidity in the body so unfortunately I recommend to stay away from the bubbles. 

4. Add lemon or lime instead of sugar juice or soda. Lemon is naturally alkaline! 

5. Don't forget to eat! Stick to good quality fats and protein if the options allow. Stay away from processed and sugary foods, they just add to the hangover.