Torie's Travel Must Haves

I travel a lot, I not only love it but I am lucky that my family owns and operates a surf hotel in Scorpion Bay. More recently I have been so blessed to travel alongside my boyfriend and be included on his adventures, and I just work from afar. That being said, you always need to be prepared, who knows what an happen, and let me tell you I think all the weirdest things have happened to me. Be prepared,  here are my MUST HAVES for long flights and just traveling in general, flying takes such a toll on our bodies, make sure you pack the goods, so you can land feeling amazing (well close).

Did you know that flying dehyrated you  on a cellular level weakening our immune systems, then add in all those sick peoples germs, EW.

Did you know that flying dehyrated you  on a cellular level weakening our immune systems, then add in all those sick peoples germs, EW.


  1. Melatonin -  this supplement helps jet lag and regulate sleep patterns, especially when entering new time zones. I do not recommend for everyday use
  2. Kangen water (yes you can bring it on plane, it's medical grade water, message me)
  3. LEEF Organics CBD oil - the best anti-inflammatory supplement, and no its doesn't get you high
  4. Probiotics- remember our gut is in charge of our immune systems, plus they can help with gas, bloating, and most digestive issues
  5. Paw Paw Chapstick - it's ironic that I am going to Australia this trip, but this "chapstick" is amazing and only sold in AUS, don't worry I will stock up
  6. Guayaki Yerba Mate- need a pick me up, or just can't do coffee, this nutritional powerhouse packs a punch, and it's delicious, try it here
  7. BulletProof Bars- Okay, we all need a bar at some point in our busy lives, these are the CLEANEST on the market (by far). Packed with brain octane and collagen, did I mention they taste like a pastry and candy bar mixed 
  8. Glutathione - this antioxidants promotes optimal cellular function is crucial for detoxification and immune support
  9. Mushroom Coffee from  Four Sigmatic
  10. Magnesium Calm powder- most of us are Magnesium deficient, this powder is a must have for all. It helps with sleep, constipation and muscle soreness. 
  11. Brain Octane- not only for you coffee, this superfood is great for traveling because you can pour it on your food when eating out, like white rice for sushi, to help burn fats and give you energy
  12. Collagen Protein -Collagen little packets - collagen helps with all things beauty, think hair, skin and nails
  13. Beautycounter Hydration face oil made with essential oils
  14. Crap Eyewear- the best sunnys around
  15. Aloha Collection - waterproof bag is my fav for boat rides and beach days
  16. Nixon Headphones- did you know that the noise on planes is a HUGE stressor on our bodies, even if you aren't listening to anything, use ear plugs
  17. Dark Chocolate (over 75%)- I mean who doesn't get sugar cravings? If you have one on hand, you wont reach for gross candy alternatives 
  18. LASTLY, Josh Hall Surfboards the best boards around, plus the prettiest :)

Always pack the following items in your carry on our even suitcase which you can see details to in my Natural First aid Kit

  • Immune system boosters- Vitamin C, wellness support, Kick Ass Immune, Vitamin D3
  • Turmeric for inflammation- I love my UKON from Enagic
  • Bulletproof insta mix - perfect for making bulletproof on the  go!
  • Food mags/ health books- always keep learning, and you got the time now!
  • Chlorophyll tablets for oxygen and alkalinizing
  • Organic non- toxic sunscreen- the good kind, I am loving Coola right now, cucumber mate
  • Liver cleanse / milk thistle- to support your detox pathways
  • Activated charcoal with bentonite clay for detoxification
  • A good quality lotion, good old coconut oil works wonders
  • Snacks of course, cuz who wants to eat plane food (tanka bars, grass-fed jerky, berries, hard boiled eggs, popcorn, Mary's cracker, hummus, wraps, raw unpasteurized cheese, protein powder, dark chocolate coconut trail mix, frozen juices, almond butter and apples, etc)