Torie Borrelli, NC
San Diego, California


Torie received a Bachelor in Science and minor in Nutrition from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and is board certified from Bauman College of Berkeley as a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Natural Chef. She has worked with hundreds of clients suffering from inflammatory diseases and chronic illnesses. Torie’s goal is to help people live a preventive lifestyle, which means not to wait until you're sick to change your habits.

By integrating a combination of clean and nutrient-dense foods, hydration, sleep, stress reduction, and movement into their daily routines, she has helped many optimize their health, increase longevity and promote wellness in their lives.

Torie wants her clients and readers to have a positive relationship with food. Her method is intended to nurture a love for food, an enjoyment of cooking, and reverse any fearful mindset toward the latter.


There is no counting calories and no quick fixes, but rather a lifestyle adjustment. Torie believes everyone can change their eating habits for the better and increase their longevity simply by putting in the time to understand what our bodies need to thrive.

When Torie’s not working with clients you’ll find her experimenting in the kitchen, surfing or  adventuring somewhere in Mexico with a full ice chest, superfoods, and her latest food creations to share with the people she loves. Torie is a consultant and educator for the world-renowned health spa, Rancho La Puerta. Her recent work consisted of developing recipes for The Butcher’s Daughter Group in LA, consulting at LYFT headquarters, and writing and creating recipes for COOLA sunscreen, Siete Foods, Kite Hill, Kuli Kuli and LEEF organics.

Torie and her husband Josh divide their time between their home in San Diego and their certified sustainable boutique hotel in Scorpion Bay in Baja Sur.


Change is the one constant in our lives. Let's investigate how to change our lives for the better, and to improve our health by supporting all the components that make us up.




Author of The Mexican Keto Cookbook.

Opening a cooking school at Rancho La Puerta health Spa, the 2nd top-rated health spa in the world. Now working as a wellness and chef consultant at RLP.

Managing 10 farmers markets while being the assistant grower at Black Dog Farms Organics

Developing recipes and menus for Butcher’s Daughter Group LA, Siete Foods, Butcher Box, Kite Kill, Kuli Kuli, and LYFT headquarters.