TVW Nourish Guide



San Juanico is a tiny pueblo, in keeping with its size, the restaurant & market list is limited... you won't wish it was any other way.

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My go-to restaurant for dinner.  If you're coming from the entrance of town, Vaqueros is nestled in two blocks to the right.  The local owner keeps Vaqueros clean, service timely, and the food is oh-so-good.  I immediately scan for the fresh seafood dishes (get ceviche if its available), but be sure to ask for items not listed on the menu.  Hungry men are always competing to see who can finish the child-size burritos first, so don't be shy about ordering one as a shared plate.  And the salsa, oh the salsa.  Its freshly made every day (also available for purchase) so the flavor varies, but is always spicy, and to die for.  Cocktails and Micheladas aren't to be skipped, especially if its a night Vaqueros turns up the ambiance by hosting live music.

There are dos tacos spots in town off the main street when you're heading towards the ocean.  I've only taken my taco-cravings to Christie's Tacos.  Her hits are her carne asada and fish tacos.  Word on the street is she recently added a burger and fries to the menu and the locals are flocking.

El Burro
Tucked just across the street from Scorpion Bay Hotel, The Burro is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.   The vibe is peaceful and the generous list of menu items carries everything you could imagine.

The Cantina
Wins the locals over with their stuffed potatoes.  Give their nachos, tacos, and burritos a good consideration too.

2nd Point
There is a little restaurant up above 2nd point that has tacos and ceviche.  When you're post-surf and starving, this is your easy-access solution.

Scorpion Bay Hotel
You've probably already learned I cook, and this is one of the places I love throwing it down in the kitchen.  The abundance of fresh local seafood lends well to some of my favorite recipes!