It All Begins with Hydration

We are 75% water, without water we do not exist. But not all water is created equal, our bodies need to be hydrated on the cellular level.

Dehydration is the number one cause of many health conditions and unhappy people. When you are living in a dehydrated state your body cannot detoxify and is in a constant inflammatory state. This is bad because inflammation is the main cause of ALL disease.

Are you dehydrated? 💦💦

Hydration helps with so many of our essential bodily processes such as circulation, absorption of vitamins and minerals, digestion, elimination, regulation of body temperature, creation of saliva and brain communication with the rest of our body!



One thing I never leave home without: MY WATER BOTTLE!

Most of you know my obsession with the importance of water, most importantly drinking the right water. Remember our bodies are made up of 75% water, even if we eat the best foods, exercise and do everything right, if we are not properly hydrated, we cannot expect our health to flourish!



Have you heard of KANGEN water? It has completely changed my life, and the lives of many of my clients, friends and family members. At its core, Kangen water is superior because it hydrates 12 times faster than other water. 

Kangen is the Japanese word for “return to origin” and here it has a dual meaning… Water is returned to the way it was originally available when the planet was young and secondly, that the body returns to a healthy balance achieved before suffering the toxic and debilitating stresses of aging.

Kangen Water is created by highly innovative Japanese technologists who figured out a way of using medical grade ionizing machinery that make it safe for long term human drinking and other uses, which they discovered over 40 years ago. 

The main reported health benefit of drinking Kangen water is due to the small molecular structure, its alkalinity and antioxidants. Potential users should keep in mind that the alkalinity increases are caused by electrical action, as explained below, as opposed to chemical and mineral additives that “store-bought” bottled high alkaline waters typically contain.

This book is a bible for optimizing wellness, he undestands the importance of water.

This book is a bible for optimizing wellness, he undestands the importance of water.


Essentially, the tap water from your faucet comes in contact with medical grade titanium plates that have been dipped in medical grade platinum that is electrified by a powerful little transformer, charging the water to become high alkaline drinking water (with differing pH levels - just push a button to select levels of 8.5pH, 9.0pH or 9.5pH) and creating three significant attributes: higher alkalinity, negative ionic charge (antioxidant) and water molecule shape. The machine breaks up globules of the water molecules to create smaller clusters of water molecules, which allow them to better penetrate the cell wall. The latter increases the level of hydration at a cellular level that simply cannot be attained with large clusters of tap water molecules.

This process allows for neutralization of many toxins, petrochemicals and induced chemicals like chlorine, while changing the pH, to create natural, healthy alkaline water taking the quality of the water back to its primordial origin, hence the name Kangen.

These machines are actually “powering up” the effectiveness of water to alkalize, detox and hydrate you on the cellular level. 

Plus this water is eco-friendly, you can use it for cleaning, beauty, cooking and of course drinking.

This company is the only water Ionizer in the world that has been awarded the Product Recognition and Endorsement Recognition which was tested by over 6,500 doctors from the Japanese Association of Preventive Medicine. This organization selects only one company, per industry, to receive their two awards, KANGEN WATER!! 



It should be noted that all disease thrives in an acid environment.

The research done by Dr. Otto Warburg in the early part of the last century earned him a Nobel Prize in medicine in 1931. He had no doubt that an acid environment was an invitation for disease, especially cancer, as research on that malady was his specialty.

Even the best filtration units cannot do this no matter how complex they are. Remember, filters are good at taking contaminants out of water. An ionizer unit starts from filtered water and THEN powers it up for the three stated effects: alkalinity, detoxification and hydration.

Nothing will alkalize your body and thus, thwart disease, like this water.  Plus, it is the only water Ionizer that has a GOLD SEAL certification making it a MEDICAL DEVICE. 

This water stuff is quite technical and buying an expensive machine may seem out of reach at the moment. The bottom line is that you need water to live. So if you don't already have one, go out and buy a refillable bottle. Keep it full and glued to your side at all times. Drinking plenty of water consistently throughout the day is a great habit to form!

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