Learn to Move

V I D A   M O V E translates into your fitness life

Torie believes one of the best ways we learn to Move is exercising our muscles.  Especially the one resting inside our heads.  This section emphasizes the importance of movement; not necessarily just exercise, but how to maintain a healthy lifestyle overall. The Vida MOVE will offer quick tips on how to use your time efficiently, and suggest workouts that help increase longevity while making you look good and feel amazing at the same time! Movement creates oxygen flow.  Oxygen releases endorphins. Result = happy you. Torie has been an athlete her whole life. The older she became, the more she favored the outdoors over the gym. She traveled the world playing soccer and scratching her interminable surfing itch. And when time is tight, Torie answers with an hour of yoga or pilates. It’s a simple formula, and now you can pepper it into your daily life.



Move Guides

Now that introductions are out of the way, stroll with The Vida Well's Torie Borrelli through her curated list and favorite places to exercise around the world.


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