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12 Entrepreneur's Thoughts on Pleasing Customers


Making your customers happy is one of the most important investments you can make. The best customer is a happy customer. They will purchase from you more often, stick with your services...


8 Easy-to-Read Signs That You're Dehydrated


Water is essential for life. Without it, human can't survive. Both obvious statements. However, not all hydration is created equally, so put down your plastic, BPA-free water bottles and listed up...


Torie Borrelli – Founder of The Vida Well


Torie Borrelli is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist (NC), natural chef, and the founder of The Vida Well by Torie Borrelli, a wellness brand that is cultivating a health-conscious community...


Nubry Nude Podcast

 The Vida Well Talks Inflammation, Bone Broth & Alkaline Water


This week on the Nubry Nude podcast we sit down with Torie Borrelli of The Vida Well to chat about the importance of eating local at the farmer’s market...


Fashion Lush

Health is Wealth: Chatting With My Nutrition Guru - Torie Borrelli


Torie is so so so knowledgeable about all of it & the best part of all- she helped both of us figure out an efficient supplement regimen to fit our needs..


Ranch & Coast

Good Food, Good Life

January 2017

Local nutritionist helps people eat to better health...


Organic Authority

11 Fabulous Organic Cocktails And Spirits To Ring In The Holidays


This delicious, superfood packed, cocktail recipe is from Torie Borrelli, holistic nutritionist and cook and founder of The Vida Well...


Modern Luxury SD

Well And Good



Surf Stoked Mom

A Natural "First Aid" & Travel Kit


Torie Borrelli of The Vida Well.  Not only does Torie live and breathe all things related to nutrition and wellness, she spends a lot of time in planes, trains, automobiles and a boat...


CW 6 San Diego

Pantry Makeover


Torie Borrelli shows how to reset your pantry and nutrition for this Fall...



Woholle Juice Box Opens Doors in La Jolla Shores


The menu at Woholle, developed in collaboration with The Vida Well founder and nutritionist Torie Borrelli, pairs high quality locally-grown ingredients with great taste. Cold-pressed juices include the refreshingly sweet Spunky Watermelon, which fuses...



Bondi Harvest USA




Rancho La Puerta 

Health Benefits of Juicing


Nutritionist Torie Borrelli created the delicious and nutritious smoothies and juices based on The Ranch’s food and health philosophy. “Each ingredient is chosen based on the season,” explains Torie, “and will provide...