San Diego

The postcard beaches, incredible surf variety and one heck of menu of fitness classes... a quick scroll away.

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Torrey Pines Hike | La Jolla
Mouth-dropping ocean views.  Beach walking is included with this hike.  The weekends tend to be crowded, I suggest going during the week and start from the ocean side and hike upwards.

Convention Center Stairs | Gas Lamp
Booty blaster along with serious cardio if you run the stairs a couple times.  30 minutes and you're patting yourself on the back. There's a set in front and back.  Equal in quality, but the set in back will be less crowded. 

Beach Run | Mission Beach
Run from the Jetty to Crystal Pier is 4 miles and not easy!

Cowels Hike | SDSU
Always busy, but a solid incline that takes about an hour to complete.  It is one of those hikes that is a classic inland SD must do.



Spark Cycle | La Jolla
This is my favorite indoor spin studio in San Diego.  They take 'crazy' down a notch from trendy Soul Cycle.  The music is on point, you're riding to the beat to and under low lights.  Try Jenna,  she will leave you worked.

BodyRok | Carlsbad
For Muscle strengthening and toning, BodyRok is one near the top of my list.  My favorite instructor, Kristine (usually there Monday's and Friday's), even makes the regulars feel like they are tapping into new muscles every time.  Also, check out Kristine's half spin, half pilates, class.  We'll probably but into each other, its my weekly go to.  

Orange Theory and Barry's Bootcamp
This used to be my thing.  Interval training has the most research showing that you burn optimal fat in the shortest amount of time, as well as increase v02 levels, which decreases your chances of chronic disease.  That being said, I go through phases of these cardio blasting treadmill classes.  Like i said before, I have a hard time being inside.

Yoga Six | Solana Beach
Hot power is my favorite class along with Julianne Russles Core Powder class in Pacific Beach.  She is by far the best yoga teacher I have found, it’s just sometimes hard to get into PB.

The Dailey Method SD | Downtown SD
This barre class is designed around a ballet barre.  By using small repeated motions you are toning and lengthening, making changes in your body you will quickly notice!  Try classes by toned babe, Audrey.  Be sure you also try the cardio version class (Interval), for a combo of high heart rates and toning!