Torie's Grocery and Market Guide

There is a method to the madness.  Below The Vida Well's, Torie Borrelli, spoils us with health-full tips like reading labels, secrets from the organic world, and virtual markets.  And so you don't forget when get to the end of the guide, remember to visit Shop Torie and learn how TVW's Torie can help you.



the physical

Farmers Markets
Know your seasonal fruits and vegetables and head to your local farmer's market to stock up on these items.  Typically, they are marked down and what you're not keeping for fresh use, place straight in your freezer.  Now you have fruits and vegetables for smoothies, even cocktails.  And you won't have to worry about the ice tray you forgot to refill.

Buy Local
I get it.  Organic is expensive and sometimes we cant afford to go 100% organic.  Thankfully, there's a worthy consolation = your small local farms.  More often, our local farms do not spray herbicides and pesticides, but because of expensive labeling acts, these small farms cant afford to certify their products as organic.  When you're not grabbing organic, grab local.

Trader Joes
It may mean making multiple store stops, but I recommend saving TJ's for your household snacks, organic wines at killer prices, raw nuts, and some of your organic frozen veggie and fruit stock.

The complex simplified.  As a general rule of thumb, the less ingredients, the better.  If you can't pronounce or explain what it is, don’t buy it.

I think the proof that every fourth actor we can name has been in a movie with Kevin Bacon, applies here.  For every four people we know, someone's got a Costco card.  Strike a deal with your Costco Bacon and make your organic free range whole chickens, grass fed bison, ground meat, organic veggies ( they have great salad mixes and stone fruit), raw cheeses, organic non-GMO chips, crackers, raw coconut water, and wild fish purchases here.  Be sure to do the CSA search on your local Costco first, mentioned in Grass-Fed Meat below.


the "electronical"
I am psyched if this is your first introduction.  Thrive Market is my new staple for ALL natural & non-toxic products, even some herbs.  I order from them every two to three weeks.  You save roughly  50%!  Think of it as Costco bargain bulk at Whole Foods quality, all online.  And say yes to becoming a member.

Grass-Fed Meat
Another money saver.  Wherever you are, do a quick search for "CSA’s grass-fed and grass-finished meat lower prices in ____ (your area)" and buy bulk.

Grocery List Apps
We all have our favorites & I'm a zealot of their time-saving and organizational benefits.  Pepperplate is what I use on my phone, but My Fitness Pal is a killer way to track calories and other nutritional diagnostics of the food you're buying. 


Now the groceries are put away, want someone else to cook tonight?

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