Nourish 1-1 Consultation

Nourish 1-1 Consultation


Every person is unique and so is their genetics and preferences. As a result, all of our nutrition programs are individualized. We do not stand behind one particular diet theory; rather we have taken pieces of many different theories that we know are effective for certain conditions.

1-1 Consultations consist are a three part service of three separate meetings.  Consultations are available in person, over the phone, or via Skype.

The Jist:  Torie has been trained extensively on an array of health concerns such as weight loss, sleep, adrenal fatigue, pain, energy, stress, digestive disorders, auto-immune, allergies, genetic disorders, migraines, food allergies and any other issues that may be affecting you. 

The Deets:  As mentioned above, you will have three separate meetings with Torie.

Meeting One: Initial Consultation (60 minutes)

  • Health History, Current Diet and Presenting Issues Analysis
  • Food journal review
  • Current diet and lifestyle evaluation
  •  Understanding of changes and goals
  • Discussion of preferred foods, meals and cooking abilities
  • Session notes including clearly outlined recommendations, and follow up details
  • Email and text support

Meeting Two:  Follow Up (60 minutes)

  • Lab results and genetic testing review
  • Personalized food and supplement recommendations for specific nutrients, vitamins and minerals; including which foods they can be found in, and where supplementation may be beneficial
  • New dietary recommendations based on lab and genetic testing results
  • Vitamin & supplement recommendations based on lab and genetic testing results
  • Meal planning for home, travel and the unexpected.
  • Session notes including clearly outlined recommendations, for both diet and lifestyle
  • Continued email and text support

Meeting Three: Follow Up (30 minutes and usually done by phone)

  • Discussion of goals
  • Completion of 3 sessions
  • Discussion of additional services
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