Torie's Tune Up

Torie's Tune Up


As the summer approaches, it is time we focus on our health goals!

The Tune Up takes the time to look at where you are right now in your health journey and give you specific, customized strategies to help you stay on track this summer.

Torie knows that every person is unique and so is their genetics and preferences. She doesn't stand behind one particular diet theory; rather takes pieces of many different theories that are proven effective for certain conditions.

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Here’s what you get:

60-Minute Consultation (in-person or on the phone)

  • Review of your 3-Day Food Journal (details upon sign up)

  • Current diet and lifestyle evaluation

  • Understanding of changes and goals

  • Discussion of preferred foods, meals and cooking abilities

  • Session notes including clearly outlined recommendations, and follow up details

    • 3 ways to achieve your specific goals

    • 5 superfoods to incorporate and how

    • 3 personalized recipes

    • Supplement recommendations based on health history