Holiday Travel Tips & Essentials

By taking a few extra minutes to adequately prepare for your holiday travels coupled with making good choices when you are on the road, you can optimize your body's fuel and soak up all the energy you will need to power through your busy days.

Airplane Checklist: 

Yes, I pack my own meals for the airplane, and you should too! I don't even think about traveling or leaving the house without my natural first-aid kit (I ALWAYS HAVE IT WITH ME). *BONUS Torie Tip*: make sure your immune system is in check before you head out on a trip. I've mapped out all my favorite well ways to give yourself that extra BOOST in my Wander Guides

Remember your skin is your largest organ, so take care of it. Here are my gotta-have, can't leave home without essentials for my body when I'm living the life of a jet setter:

·      Clean Well- all natural hand sanitizer spray

·      Facial wipes

·      Moisturizer

·      Coconut oil

·      Natural chapstick

·      Neck pillow

·      Headphones

·      Eye mask

·      Socks


1.     Stay hydrated- drink lots of water, replenish your H20 at the airport using your own jug and don't forget to add a couple chlorophyll drops! Airlines are really stingy nowadays, so I like to bring yummy tea bags to get my drink of choice during flights (stay away from caffeine and alcohol)!

2.     Move around- avoid being sedentary for more then 2 hours. Take a walk down that tiny aisle to keep blood flowing and reduce the chance of your muscles becoming stiff. 

3.     Wear comfortable clothes, comfort is KEY.

4. Bring tons of healthy SNACKS:

·      Fruit- grapes, berries, apples, oranges, (ones with a peel travel best)

·      Homemade trail mix or granola (you can add whatever nuts and seeds)

·      Seaweed snacks

·      Nut butters – Justin's or Artisan brands come in travel packets

·      Homemade granola

·      Bulletproof Bars

·      Nut butter to pair with fruit

·      Kale Chips

·      Organic Non GMO-Popcorn

·      Date balls

·      Olives

·      Terra Chips/ Mary's Gone Crackers with hummus

·      Celery/Bell Peppers/Carrots/Cherry Tomatoes/Broccoli with hummus

Healthy eating in restaurants:

  • Order a soup or a salad to eat with your main course. Soups and salads are generally healthy and start to fill you up so that you eat less of the more calorie-dense main dishes.
  • Many restaurant portion sizes are large enough for two meals or more. Instead of a rich, high-density appetizer, order a salad, clear soup or shellfish such as shrimp cocktail or mussels.
  • Take leftovers back to your hotel room and store them in the refrigerator to enjoy the next day at lunch or as a snack.
  • Eat the VEGGIES. Most entrées come with at least one vegetable. If not, be sure to order a vegetable side dish.

Eating at the hotel:

  • Find a local grocery store and buy healthy snack items such as hummus and veggies, nuts, or healthy choices from a salad bar or deli section. 
  • Some restaurants will deliver food to your hotel room and may have some healthy menu items available.

Still in need of the perfect gift for a friend or family member? Don't forget to check out TVW's HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE and recipes! I promise, it will not disappoint - Torie tested, The Vida Well approved.


Happy traveling!