Should CBD be a part of your daily supplement routine?

If you haven't heard, CBD (or cannabidiol) is increasingly being used today for its healing properties and is having a HUGELY positive impact on people's lives.

Quick History on Cannabis

No, this is not new. Humans have been growing and consuming marijuana from the beginning of documented history in cultures around the world. Hippocrates, also known as the father of Western medicine, once recommended cannabis extracts, and even Queen Victoria was prescribed CBD ointment for her menstrual cramps. The reason we don’t see it commonly used today is because Big Pharma (like many other industries) hasn’t figured out how to monetize this as profitably as as prescription drugs.

With its history of successful health benefits you would think that CBD would be the obvious choice for treatment in so many cases; but we live in a world that doesn’t like to use old methods that are tried and true, especially when a specific industry (like Big Pharma) can’t figure how to make money on it. That’s why it’s important to do your homework (or let me do it for you!) and seek the smarter, holistic alternatives. They may not be as easy to find as going to your local CVS, but they are out there if you know where to look.

Why CBD?

One important thing to understand is the difference between CBD and THC. THC (what most people associate with marijuana) has a psychoactive effect on the body. CBD does not. You can drink bottles of it and not get high! Of course, you can try the ones that contain more THC, but that's not what I’m focusing on today.

Not only is CBD shown to reduce disease, but from what the extensive research shows, it reduces inflammation in a way that helps treat many types of diseases. I highly recommend it to everyone as a way to combat against the toxic world we are living in, which is full of sources that create constant inflammation in our bodies. Even if you think you are healthy, you are battling some form of inflammation. Think of CBD as a multivitamin that reduces inflammation in our bodies. 

The positive health benefits of CBD are endless, but patients are commonly using it to help with the following:

  • Relieves inflammation throughout body

  • Reduces pain and arthritis

  • Helps fight cancer and tumors

  • Alleviates anxiety and depression

  • Relieves nausea

  • Reduces stress and provides adrenal support

  • Treats epilepsy and seizures

  • Helps with symptoms of diabetes

  • Alleviates symptoms of PMS

  • Works as an antipsychotic

  • Aids with sleep and insomnia

  • Combats neurodegenerative disorders

The Science Behind CBD

Cannabis contains hundreds of compounds, 80 of which are currently categorized as cannabinoids. CBD and THC are the principal cannabinoids in cannabis, both commonly occurring in the relatively largest concentrations, and they are incredibly synergistic.

"The Entourage Effect" (I get scientific here so skip over if you aren't into it)

The “Entourage Effect” explains whole flower medicine. CBD is just one of over 420 additional active compounds in the whole flower. When extracted correctly, these compounds work together to produce these positive effects we are seeing on the body. Embracing the full-spectrum of cannabis’ naturally occurring phytonutrients is part of a process called whole plant medicine. Endocannabinoids is a compound that our bodies produce naturally from birth which is very similar to CBD. CBD works by interacting with our endocannabinoids system and their receptors, which are located in our brain, skin, digestive tracts, glands, organs, immune cells, and connective tissues. This system helps our polluted bodies unlock these receptors and bring us back into balance, or as we say in the science word, homeostasis. That being said, you need certain active compounds to be present to absorb the CBD -- that's where the tricky part comes in. All products (just like in the food system) are not created equal.

Quality Matters  

With anything I educate my audience on, I emphasize the importance of quality. With the increasing popularity of CBD, the market is becoming more saturated with options, but not all are created equal. So how do you find the right CBD? One product on the market that I use myself and highly recommend to patients is LEEF Organics, which stands apart from the rest of the current CBD brands for its high quality.

If you have worked with me or have read my articles, you know I do my homework and I strongly believe these guys are the best in the business. The feedback from friends, family, and clients who’ve tried their products has all been positive as well.

What Makes LEEF Different From Other CBD products on the Market?

  1. Whole leaf: This means they use the whole flower extraction of all naturally occurring  components in the plant, which contains lots of nutrients, enzymes, fatty acids, flavonoids, proteins, amino acids that end up inside the product. You do not want CBD to be isolated!

  2. Organic & Non-GMO: LEEF has the University of California at San Diego test its seed samples before and after harvest to ensure there is no cross contamination or pesticide residue.

  3. No solvents or chemicals: Other brands tend to use these in the extraction process, but LEEF does not.

  4. Cold pressed fermentation process: This means that LEEF CBD retains all of its nutrients and active compounds--remember that heat destroys nutrients!).

  5. Hemp free: LEEF is not derived from hemp, but rather marijuana which contains more active compounds.

My Top Product Recommendation

LEEF offers a small selection of amazing, high-quality CBD products, all of which are fantastic, but my all-time favorite is their Revive Balm and the healthy version of “icy hot” Recover. Containing a number of healthy, organic ingredients, the balm is perfect to use for relief of sore muscles and joints and the roll on give you a soothing feel.

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 5.01.46 PM.png

I get debilitating menstrual cramps and have struggled to find anything that will help with the pain (I will not take pharmaceutical pain killers) until trying this balm. Seriously, this stuff works like magic and I don’t leave home without it.

Try Today!

Use the code VIDAWELL on the LEEF Organics website to get free shipping, or if you are in the San Diego area, shoot me a message I will get you some product ASAP.

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