Iced Bulletproof Coffee

It is officially caliente outside, all the windows are wide open and those fans are spinning. I decided to make my morning hot bulletproof a little more weather appropriate.  You can also blend it to make it a coffee milk shake aka "frappuccino," fancy right? 


Bulletproof Ingredients


Serving 2 (16 ounces)

  • 16 ounces brewed coffee or for my non- coffee people see my Yerba Mate or tea version here

  • 1-2 tbsp Brain octane (see notes below)

  • 2 tbsp ghee (use ghee for cold because it will not separate or get weird like butter does)

  • 2 scoops Bulletproof Collagen Protein  not Collagen protein because Collagen needs to be hot to dissolve (optional)

*NOTE* when adding protein or collagen protein never blend it to much or it denatures the protein, add it in at the end just to mix.


  • 1 tsp Ceylon cinnamon

  • Stevia to taste, I use 3 drops per cup (of course it's optional) 


  • Brew your coffee how you normally would or if you are doing mate, I have a video here.
  • While your coffee or mate is brewing, in a blender you will add the rest of the ingredients. 
  • FROTH- add warm coffee to blender and blend with all ingredients for about 20 seconds until nice and frothy/foamy.
  • Pour over ice.
  • Optional additions - Maca, adaptogens, vanilla, cacao, cayenne, green powder

Do you have to buy BULLETPROOF COFFEE?

I always knew about coffee and the high amount of pesticides that are used. I always bought organic fair trade coffee, but now I have come to learn that even with a clean trusted company, not all is created equal.  Have you ever had a cup and had horrible shakes, anxiety, headaches or what I jokingly call "cracked out".   This is the main reason people believe they don’t tolerate coffee.  It’s not coffee they don’t tolerate, it’s the mold toxins in the coffee.

*If you want to learn more about Bulletproof beans, read this post to find the best coffee in your area. 


Brain Octane/ XCT oil? these are 18x and 6x stronger than coconut oil, and have no flavor. They are NOT generic MCT oil, which is about 1.6x stronger than coconut oil. You would need about 22 TBSP of coconut oil to get the same benefits, get it?

Also, if you are wondering what the hype is on Bulletproof anyways, I talk about it here.