My Summer Skin Routine


Did you know that your skin is your largest organ? Well, it is! It absorbs the good, the bad and then spits it out on our skin, messed up right? Even if you eat the cleanest diet in the world, we are exposed to so many toxins just in our environment.

Lately more and more people are starting to becone aware of what they put on their skin and use in their regiment actually makes a  HUGE difference! Staying away from products filled with chemicals and toxins is key! The best source to see if your fav products are clean is EWG, you can type in any product or ingredient and find out if it is toxic or not! 

I decided that since I am not the expert in skin, ingredients, or the newest awesome companies etc, I would find the expert. Meet skin babe, wellness guru, Leah from the Good Life . We have teamed up to give you some FAVS to use as the sun starts to age us, lets stop it! Follow her wellness party on instagram at and make sure to shop at her online store for all the best goodies!

  1. Sunscreen is something you should get in the habit of wearing everyday, you don't want to be a wrinkly, spotted older women.
    • I like using one with a tint for my workweek like Suntegrity and also  True Natural Broad Spectrum is great for both face and body. It's gentle, alcohol free, and all natural with a mineral based formula. It's also vegan and GF!  
    • For surfing and ocean activities I am loving  homemade environmentally safe Kuleana Sunscreen made with ingredients you can pronounce.
  2. Wipes are always great to have after a yoga session, hike or beach day. I also love to use them on the plane when traveling too. I am loving Acure aloe right now.
  3. Toner: Did you know toner helps shrink your pores leading to less black heads? It also feels amazing, my favorite is Eminence  or H is for Love POLLEN Illuminating Mist. Leah says the H for love is made with rose hydrofoil which evens your skin tone. It is distilled organically grown aloe works to replenish hydration and encourage softening and toning of the skin's surface, and a touch of witch hazel provides anti-inflammatory and astringent benefits.  It rebalances the natural pH of the skin And smells a-maz-ing.
  4. Mask: hydrating to do after sun exposure or for changing of seasons. Leah's favorite is Wildcare's Soft Focus face mask. Ingredients include pearl powder, soothing coconut milk, and pineapple extract helps to calm and cool the skin and works to reverse sun damage. The organic coconut milk provides rich, fatty nourishment, helping to reduce any inflammation caused by over exposure to sun! 
  5. Wash: Leah's personal favorite and one that her customers LOVE over at Good Life alike swear by Botnia's Daily Face Wash. It leaves you feeling freshened after a day in the sun without over-drying or stripping your skin of its natural hydration. Willowbark extract provides a natural dose of salicylic acid to maintain evenness and to fight acne.
  6. Hydrating moisturizer: Botnia here again. Daily Face Cream. This stuff is a must have and my skin has never looked better after integrating this hydrating cream. I use it both morning and night after toning.  It's filled with anti inflammatory oils and hydrosols it’s sure to sooth away any inflammation and leaves your skin feeling super soft, plump and supple after each application. 

Leah Kirpalani is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Clean Beauty Expert.  Inspired by her own 8-year chronic health journey, she founded Good Life, a wellness brand out to reinvent how the modern woman live well!  Via Good Life's online magazine and their online clean beauty boutique, Shop Good, Leah advocates for finding simple ways to care for our bodies, while never feeling limited or restricted in life!  She utilizes resources such as EWG's Skin Deep, the Think Dirty App and information from the bustling space of all-natural herbalists and botanists to inform her clean living recommendations to her audience.