Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms and How to Use Them

I'm always on the hunt for the best nutrients to add to my daily routine and now, that consists of medicinal mushrooms. And NO these don't get you high... think nature's superfood. Obviously, mushrooms aren't new but after hours of researching and recipe testing, I can confidently say that this is one addition I am welcoming with open arms and I hope you do, too.


Easy. They are ADAPTOGENS. Simply put, they help us adapt to things like stress. But that's not at all, not even close. They do so much more.

  • supports a resilient immune system
  • helps with cognitive function
  • promotes blood sugar balance
  • offers anti-inflammatory properties
  • offers anti-aging properties
  • improves respiratory function
  • improves sleep
  • increases energy levels
  • balances hormones

WARNING: not all are created equal

Like other nutrient dense foods, quality plays a huge role. When diving into the land of mushrooms, it's important that you choose wild, organic and hand harvested mushrooms. Several mushroom companies are growing their produce on grain or rice, which fills them with starch and diminishes their beneficial bioactive compounds.

Different from the edible kind like shiitake and portobello that grow on the ground, medicinal mushrooms grow on or near trees.

If you're ready to give it a try, Root and Bones, a vibrant holistic herb company, is a TVW tested and Torie approved brand that I am obsessed with. Enter TVW to receive a 15% discount at checkout!

What are a few of my favorite SHROOMS?

  • Chaga or "The King of Medicinal Mushrooms" as some call it, is filled with antioxidant powers and helps immensely with anti-viral and antibacterial issues.
  • Cordyceps is known for anti-aging and longevity, as well as increasing energy
  • Reishi is known to help combat stress, reduce inflammation and boost immunity

How-to use mushroom powders:

Want to learn more? Watch this Ted Talk or drop me a line at

Oh M (grass-fed) GHEE

This is my new jam, I mean do you see that bright yellow color?? That rich yellow comes from the grass the cows were eating, craaazzy right! I always tell my clients to eat as much variety from the rainbow in order to get the most nutrient density in your diet. This GHEE is a perfect example! I am OBSESSED with the release of this new product, and you now can get it to too! (just click the pic below)

So excited that this product is available for you to try out, click the link below to save 10%.

So excited that this product is available for you to try out, click the link below to save 10%.

So what even is GHEE?

Simply ghee is clarified butter. It has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic countries like India and Asia. Ghee tastes different then butter, I would explain it as a stronger more nutty flavor. It enhances flavors especially with spices (think curries, sauces, Thai food, etc). It pairs very well with veggies and long simmered meats. Stay tuned for some recipes coming up!

Why is it good for us?

  1. VITAMIN A- an essential antioxidants as well as an immune system booster

  2. BUTYRATE- a short chain amino acid that helps digestion and feeds the GOOD bacteria in our guts

  3. CLA (CONJUGATED LINOLEUM ACID)- research studies show that it reduces inflammation and helps with cholesterol levels

  4. PLUS it has a significant VITAMIN D, E & K, I mean look at that color

Why use GHEE over BUTTER?

  • Ghee has a  higher smoke point then butter, meaning if you cook an oil at a higher smoke point then it can handle, it becomes oxidized
  • Ghee is essentially dairy free, it contains no casein or lactose
  • Ghee is more nutrient-dense then butter, (especially when using Bulletproof brand)
  • Ghee needs NO refrigeration, I love traveling with mine

How is GHEE made?

All GHEE is not created equal, you want cows that eat grass (hints the yellow color) and are healthy. The method of how it is heated, just like our food we cook, can destroy essential properties and nutrients. Below is a simple method explaining how Bulletproof creates this amazing product by using a slow Ayurvedic cooking method.

Please let me know how much you love it and how you decide to use it. Click below to get yours!