Why you need Avocado Oil in your life!


Thanks to our amigo guacamole, the avocado is known by most all of us. Its true, Avocado Oil is not nearly as well known as our pantry staple Olive Oil, but boy do the health benefits outweigh most other oils.

Avocado oil can tolerate high heat (400 degrees) unlike many other oils. Due to its stability, when you heat avocado oil it does not loose its amazing health benefits.

TIP: Make sure you always BUY a cold-pressed version to get the most nutrients from this amazing superfood.

10 FACTS on why you should use AVOCADO OIL:

1.     About 70% of essential fatty acids found in avocado oil are monounsaturated oleic acid which have been known to have several positive effects throughout the body including lowering risk of some cancers, southing auto-immune diseases, aiding the body in repelling and eliminating microbial infections, as well as reducing inflammation inside and out.

2.     It contains chlorophyll, which helps remove toxins from the body, as well as heavy metals.

3.     It ENHANCES our absorption of other crucial nutrients when paired with certain veggies!

4.     It is a prescription drug in France for its Anti-inflammatory properties.

5.     The vitamin E, potassium, and lecithin help feed our skin & hair cells giving them more energy to grown and heal.

6.     It is packed with heart healthy benefits from high concentration of beta-sitosterol, a type of cholesterol, which our bodies can use to convert bad fats into better forms.

7.     Avocado is in the 5 top foods for containing the most amount of Vitamin E. This fat-soluble vitamin is known for improving skin and eye health and improving memory and mental clarity.

8.     You can use it on your skin to sooth irritations or rashes, in your hair as a mask to improve dryness; it also works as make-up remover.

9.     It helps with gut health, soothing bloating and helping with digestion.

10.  Studies have found it aids in the prevention of the development of diabetes, high cholesterol, high triglyceride levels, and obesity.


I love using it for adding flavor in sauces, like this one, or stir-fry’s and when sautéing.

Here are ways that you can incorporate it into your diet.

·      Add it to sauces such as pesto or marinara

·      Use it for your salad dressing (if you blend, it will thicken)

·      Toss on veggies before roasting

·      Add it to smoothies

·      Rub it on protein before cooking

·      Make MAYO

·      Use it for hummus or any dip



Cooking with OILS:

When you cook with any oils, you MUST be aware of its smoking point. You do not want to have oil oxidize and loose its nutrients, remember oxidation is BAD, think of when that avocado turns brown, that also happens in our bodies making us AGE.