Try This, Not That: Hot & Healthy Beverage Swaps to Warm Your Insides

Who doesn’t love a deliciously sweet warm beverage on a cold winter’s day? It’s that time of year where the big chains and local coffee shops alike add some of our favorite seasonal drinks to their menu, and while we’re all about the occasional indulgence (we’re only human, after all), you might not realize...

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Superfood Yerba Mate Smoothie + “How-To” Video

Do you ever brew too much yerba mate? Don't want to waste it or know how to use it? Or maybe you want to get creative with how to use mate besides drinking it on its own? Mate tastes great when blended with fruits, veggies, and other nourishing ingredients. This nutrient packed smoothie will

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Sugar is Poisoning Us

There are so many myths that come along with nutrition. Everything from a new cleanse to a LA celebrity trend, a food product that will help you slim down, and of course the supplements that make you feel 20 years old again. Fortunately that's where my job comes in, I am here to give you the quality research that matters and the facts that will make us thrive!

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