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Strawberry Moringa Mint Smoothie

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Serves: 2

This low sugar, keto (high-fat) smoothie is my go to in summer. When I see strawberries at the market I will freeze half for my on the go lunch or snack (depending on my workout). Because of the healthy fats from the coconut, MCT oil and chia seeds, this smoothie keeps you full and satisfied. Cauliflower is my secret to a creamy consistency without the high sugar and carb from the traditional banana used in most smoothie recipes. Try adding a scoop of collagen or protein to up the protein as well.

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Mint Chip Smoothie

I worked on this recipe all summer last year, I needed to replicate what I was tasting in juice bars in order to create "mint chocolate chip" but healthy of course. After working at Rancho La Puerta and  completing their summer juice and smoothie menu, I realized I couldn't get the flavor profile I wanted without the banana and date combo. Try this on a summer day, and boy does it take you back to the good ol minty chocolate ice cream, but WAY healthier of course.

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Superfood Yerba Mate Smoothie + “How-To” Video

Do you ever brew too much yerba mate? Don't want to waste it or know how to use it? Or maybe you want to get creative with how to use mate besides drinking it on its own? Mate tastes great when blended with fruits, veggies, and other nourishing ingredients. This nutrient packed smoothie will

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