The Vida Well’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

vida well gift guide

Don't panic! Not only are these gifts handpicked and organic, they can be purchased from the comfort of your own home! No parking lots, no lines, no scary looking elves! You'll find only goodness here that you're loved ones, co-workers and amigos are guaranteed to LOVE.

For Your Grandma or Aunt:

 Neakita, organic tea that is made in small batches and hand crafted by a nutritionist, is a winner in my book for all things vitality and radiant health. These tasty teas are not only beautiful, but overflow with aromatics that are perfect for the tea fanatic. Use the code "TVW" at checkout for a discount! 

For your furry friend: 

Your DOG will go NUTS over this NON-GMO, 100% organic dog food. Paleo Paw's food and treats have been carefully crafted to nourish dogs from the inside out. They also have treats made with pumpkin and superfoods - yum! Plus you get 15% off with the code "THEVIDAWELL" because you're my mate!


For the Bikini-Obsessed Babe:

"If you love life in a bikini, Le Paume is an essential." Le Paume bikini wash is a color safe, gentle solution that promotes a longer lifespan of your bikinis. I've found this little extra love on your Lycra keeps your bikini cheek-ready for the next adventure! TVW readers also get 15% off with Le Paume this holiday season if use "THEVIDAWELL" at check out!  

For the Friend or Family Member Who's Looking to Get Healthy:

I'm sure you've heard me rave about Bulletproof, but it's not just hype. This coffee will change your life. NO JOKE. Get a starter kit for someone you know would like to burn fat and have lasting health benefits. 

Nourishing Traditions

For the Foodie:

Nourishing Traditions Cookbook is a holistic book based on culinary customs of our ancestors with whole food recipes that teach us the principals of vitality. This book also debunks all the common nutrition myths of the current low-fat fad and how entertaining can be nutritious and delicious!

For Your Honey:

Ettitude Organic Bedding is amazing! 100% organic bamboo lyocell is as fine as 1000 count Egyptian cotton, but only consumes 1/3 water + it uses no harmful chemicals. Kind to your skin and the planet. (Sshhh! This is really a gift to yourself.)

For the do-gooders:

Not only is Guayaki Yerba Mate a great alternative to coffee, the company is committed to making a difference by supporting reforestation efforts for the farmers in South America who produce the tea. I often use Yerba Mate in place of coffee when I make my Bulletproof for the day. Use the code "VIDAWELL" when you check out to get 20% off until December 31, 2016. 


For the Superfood Junky:

Vital Proteins should be a staple for anyone who is seeking the healthiest products on the market. They have a beauty formula that is awesome for skin health. To booth, their collagen will help your hair, skin, and nails all while increasing your gut health. Now, that's what I call a double-duty kind of product.


For Your Mom:

Gift a subscription to Thrive Market, a wholesale health food retailer providing 30-50% discounted prices off your favorite health foods. You can buy it all on Thrive Market and they ship it to your door. Perfect for the busy mom and a great gift to keep stress-free and healthy this holiday season. 

For Your Dad:

A Butcher Box Subscription. What guy wouldn't love exceptionally quality meat delivered to his door each month? Just 1% of the beef consumed in the USA is 100% grass fed. Butcher Box has sourced the best quality beef and delivers it for FREE. 'Nuff said!


For the Vino Lover:

Dry Farm Wines subscriptions is for the wine lover in your life (or maybe even yourself). This wine club is different from the rest because they are the ONLY health focused wine club in the world. This wine is organic, sugar-free, low alcohol, and low sulfite, meaning it can be enjoyed without hangovers, headaches, or poor sleep. Hopefully this friend will have you over, so you can enjoy a smooth red or refreshing white together. :)

For those hard to buy for loved ones or yourself:

ME! Give the Gift of Wellness to a loved one by hiring me to help them through their health journey!!! Check out my services!!!