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Dairy Free Coffee Cacao Nib Sundae (vegan)

Prep Time: 5 min
Serves: depend if you want to share...

I use New Barn because they care about quality ingredients which unfortunately nowadays is not the case with most companies. They make it with ingredients you would use at home, ones you can pronounce! I was a bit hesitant when trying this out even though I love New Barns almond milk which I have been using for a while now and recommending to my clients. This combo is super easy and is a great base for whatever fun topping you have on hand; hemp seeds, berries, nuts, a chocolate drizzle.  Hey, I don't say to eat desserts often but when you do, make sure they aren't going to hurt you and your gut, make it worth it and make it taste delicious.

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Bulletproof Pumpkin Spiced ‘Latte’

This recipe is my healthy festive holiday spin on the traditional Pumpkin Latte you see at places like Starbucks. The difference is my recipe does not contain added sugars (Starbucks is about 65 grams) and additives that leave you feeling horrible and add to weight gain and low energy. My recipe is an upgraded Bulletproof Coffee recipe with pumpkin and spices that are packed with nutrients like beta-carotene, vitamin A, and antioxidants that help with brain function and boost energy, plus it tastes delicious!

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What makes coffee a superfood?

I love coffee, but so many factors go into getting that perfect cup. I hear myself telling people this a LOT about so many foods we consume. I am here with bad and good news, please send me messages with questions, I am here to help.

Have you ever had a cup of coffee that made you feel horrible? Jitters, headaches, nausea, upset stomach, or just not normal? Well, there's a LOT you don't know about what goes into that cup of joe. 

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