Yerba Mate Finger Lime Cocktail

This is more than a superfood cocktail, it has native roots that were used medicinally and for food benefits. Since I have been traveling in Australia, going to farmers markets and trying new foods, I stumbled across these guys!  From Kangaroo (all of it is wild and grass fed) to amazing fruits and now this, the Finger Lime.

I love going to new places and incorporating their native foods into my eating and drinking. We bought these finger limes at the farmers market and have used them on oysters, salad dressings and now our weekend cocktail. They are like little caviar balls that pop in your mouth with a zesty lemon - like flavor! 

RECIPE: Makes 2 cocktails

6 ounces brewed mate (click to watch how)

2 finger limes, insides taken out 

2 ounces ginger kombucha

1 ounce organic Mescal, vodka or gin

2-4 slices of chili for an added heat

Add all ingredients in a shaker, shake well and pour into glasses.

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What is a finger lime?

It comes from the fruit of a rare rainforest tree,  Finger Lime has been a valuable source of food and medicine for Aboriginal people for thousands of years. The fruit was eaten for its delicious taste and its ability to ward off disease. They are rich in folate, potassium and Vitamin E and have a high amount of Vitamin C.

The pulp and juice of Finger Limes were also applied as an antiseptic to infected sores and boils as well as used internally for immune and inflammation support.

You can find them in Australia and California, and they are NEVER genetically altered! When buying them you want to keep them a little moist, adding water to a paper towel they will last up to 2 weeks in the fridge.