How to Brew Yerba Mate in a French Press

Guayaki Yerba Mate a great alternative to coffee that is grown organically in South America and is a great pick me up. As an Amiga de Guayaki, I am proud to support their mission to regenerate the rainforest and create fair trade jobs in South America. I often use Yerba Mate in place of coffee when I make my Bulletproof Mate for the day.

Today I will share with you my favorite way to brew Yerba Mate. While traditionally it is brewed in a gourd, here is the low down on how to french press it in this video. The result is a flavorful, earthy yet smooth, and bold brew of Yerba Mate.


1. Place 1.5 tbsp of mate per cup of water in french press
2. Pour 3 oz of cold water over the mate to protect it from hot water and to increase nutrient & mineral content
3. Let the cool water absorb into the leaves for 30 seconds
4. Bring water in kettle to nearly a boil, but not quite, then pour over the mate in the french press
5. Let steep 3-7 minutes and enjoy! 

Learn more about Guayaki and their initiatives on their website and use the code "VIDAWELL" when you check out to get 20% off until December 31, 2016.