How to drink without the hangover

Is it just me or do the holidays have a sneaky way of making it okay to over-indulge. Do you agree? Not only do most of us drink more but we eat more, have more places to go and  people to see, and just overall party  more; we just got big from Halloween until that New Year's "cleanse" or whatever most people do. 

Our health takes a hit. We sacrifice our bodies for a few months in the name of celebration and good cheer. Then, we make the New Year’s Resolution to get back to our best health. To me it seems twisted.

Every year is the same, some dread it and drink more to get through those days with families, others shoove the sugar. That’s a lot of unnecessary stress, headaches and hangovers.

The holidays shouldn’t be a time for guilt or sacrifice. They’re a time for love and celebration! Alcohol can be a vibrant part of this celebration,  believe me, I love a good handmade cocktail (see below) and a big glass of (non-toxic) wine, but you have to drink the right stuff…

That is why I recommend and personally LOVE Dry Farm Wines.


Dry Farm Wines curates only the highest quality natural wines from small, organic family farms that meet strict standards. So much of today's commercialized and processed wines have loads of sugars, molds, toxins and added preservatives. They curate wines from all over the world, working with a lot of small family farms that are committed to producing pure natural wines the way they used to do it, organic and low sugar!

Have you ever had 1 or 2 glasses of wine and felt  horrible the next day? maybe a headache, brain fog, or nauseous,? Well, so many hidden things are in that bottle that most people are unaware of! When I indulge in my Dry Farm wine, I never feel hungover the next day! I think I am very sensitive to sugars and mold. 

BUY some wines today to step up your health game, or gift them to your wino friend who will love you and make you a non-hangover breakfast, you will thank me! 

How to Hack your Hangover

I suggest you hack your hangover with activated charcoal, I tell you all the ways to do it!